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REBOL programming

REBOL, the Relative Expression Based Object Language (pronounced ['rebl]), is a data exchange and programming language designed specifically for network communications and distributed computing. Its designer, Carl Sassenrath, calls it a 'messaging' language, and says this about it: "The main idea of REBOL is that it gets used for: server, client, communications between them, and storage on them. The power of REBOL comes from its unique integration of programming language concepts and meta-data language concepts. The ultimate goal of REBOL is to provide a new architecture for how information is stored, exchanged, and processed between all devices connected over the Internet. It [REBOL] is meant to be used for the semantic exchange of information between people and machines."

First released in 1997, REBOL was designed over a 20 year period by Carl Sassenrath, the architect and primary developer of AmigaOS, based on his study of denotational_semantics and utilizing concepts from the Lisp, Forth, and Logo programming languages.

REBOL/Command, which added strong encryption and ODBC access, was released in September 2000.

REBOL/View was released in April 2001, adding graphical capabilities on top of the core language.

REBOL/IOS, an extensible collaboration environment built with REBOL was released in August 2001.

The REBOL SDK, providing a choice of kernels to bind against, as well as a preprocessor, was released in December 2002.

REBOL is a high-level, interpreted, multi-platform, multi-paradigm, dynamically reflective, symbolic, programming language. It is also strongly homo-iconic--meaning that code and data have the same representation--making it very suitable for metaprogramming.

It supports structured, functional, and prototype-based programming. REBOL is not a pure functional language; imperative programming is supported by using functions with side-effects; nor is it a pure object-oriented language, having non-object datatypes and support for other programming paradigms. REBOL is particularly well suited for Language Oriented Programming; more specifically Dialecting.

REBOL is dynamic, and dynamically typed (values are strongly typed, variables are not). It uses garbage collection for memory management, and supports exception handling and dynamic name resolution (through computed binding).

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