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Perl programming

Perl, also Practical Extraction and Report Language (a backronym, see below), is an interpreted procedural programming language designed by Larry Wall. Perl borrows features from C, shell scripting (sh), awk, sed, and (to a lesser extent) many other programming languages.

1 Overview

1.1 Language features
1.2 Applications
1.3 Philosophy
1.4 Criticism
1.5 Implementation
1.6 History

2 Built-in data types
3 Control structures

3.1 Loops
3.2 Conditional statements
3.3 Statement modifiers
3.4 Switch statement
3.5 goto statement

4 Subroutines
5 Regular expressions
6 Database interfaces
7 Perl 5
8 Perl 6
9 Perl code samples
10 Name
11 Fun with Perl
12 Perl humor
13 See also
14 External links

14.1 User groups
14.2 Distributions
14.3 Development
14.4 History
14.5 Miscellaneous
14.6 Criticism

15 Books
16 References

16.1 Perl man pages
16.2 Web pages

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