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PHP programming

PHP is a popular open-source programming language used primarily for developing server-side applications and dynamic web content, and more recently, other software. The name is a recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor". (This is actually a retronym; see history.)

Famous examples of PHP applications include phpBB and MediaWiki, the software behind Wikipedia. The PHP model can be seen as an alternative to Microsoft's ASP.NET/C#/VB.NET system, Macromedia's ColdFusion system, Sun Microsystems' JSP/Java system, and to the CGI/Perl system.

1 Overview
2 History
3 Popularity
4 Code example
5 Libraries
6 Object-oriented programming
7 Criticisms

7.1 Syntax
7.2 Built-in functions
7.3 Security
7.4 Miscellaneous

8 Support
9 Applications built with PHP
10 External links

10.1 PHP home site
10.2 Advocacy
10.3 Frameworks
10.4 Integrated development environments, debuggers and other tools
10.5 Security
10.6 Tutorials
10.7 Articles and other resources
10.8 Miscellaneous

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