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Fortran programming

Fortran (also FORTRAN) is a statically typed, compiled programming language originally developed in the 1950s and still heavily used for scientific computing and numerical computation half a century later. The name is a portmanteau of Formula Translator/Translation. Early versions of the language were known as FORTRAN, but the capitalization has been dropped in newer revisions beginning with Fortran 90. The official language standards now refer to the language as "Fortran".

Although originally a procedural language, recent versions of Fortran have included some features to support object-oriented programming.

1 History, versions, and revisions
2 Features and extensions
3 Syntax drawbacks and advantages
4 Sample program
5 The standard Fortran joke
6 References
7 External links

7.1 General
7.2 Program repositories
7.3 Proprietary compilers
7.4 Free software compilers

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